Enable Employment Service.

ENABLE EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (E.E.S.) provides supported employment opportunities for both its clients and the employer.

The service recognises that moving into the workforce is a major step for most people with an intellectual disability.

Therefore E.E.S. provides an individual and fully supportive programme, to ease the integration.

E.E.S. will provide:

  • High level of support, liaisons and a mediation facility
  • Education for the staff
  • Assistance to facilitate a buddy system
  • An optional relationship induction period (trial)
  • Negotiation and recognition of specific circumstances

The clients will offer you:

  • Stability of task performance
  • A long term employment focus

E.E.S. also offers:

  • A client referral system
  • Assessment of clients work capabilities
  • Individual plans and support for each client and employer
  • Liaison with the clients' family / guardians / whanau, Service Co-ordinators,
  • Residential and day programme staff.
  • Preparation of a curriculum vitae
  • Securing fair remuneration for work preformed and fair performance for remuneration
  • Accessing employment subsidies and incentives for clients and employers

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